Regular updates to your website keep mobile visitors coming back, prevent unexpected security issues, and boost your site’s search engine rankings.

Your Website is Never Finished

Although you already have a functioning website, regular updates demonstrate that you take both your business and your clients seriously.

1. Visitor Retention

Fresh updates, no matter how simple, will keep clients coming back to your site and attract new ones.

Visitors will return and spread the word about your site and your business when it is current, uncluttered and more importantly, mobile-friendly in every way.

Did you know that between half and two-thirds of visitors are using mobile devices? And this trend is increasing.

Regular updates consistent with the latest mobile platforms will keep visitors impressed and engaged with your site.

Out of date files, especially large images and video files need to be purged regularly to avoid lags and choppy images which will increase your bounce rate and drive away visitors, sometimes for good.

2. Security

Security concerns are another important reason to regularly update your website.

Even slightly outdated sites might have outmoded security features that make your site susceptible to malicious bots and hacks.

Simple but regular site updates ensure the latest security features are installed and prevent unexpected breaches which cause your SEO rankings to drop.

Similarly, SSL (and DSL) certificates are critical and need to be up to date for all sites that require users to provide personal or financial data of any kind.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all know how critical SEO is to guide new users to your site.

These rankings go hand in hand with visitor retention and fresh content. Up to date content leads to high rankings and new views to your site.

Did you know Google has separate indexes 2 indexes for desktop and mobile searches?

Therefore, regular tweaks, edits and improvements to your site will keep your site at the top in both search index.

Keep Your Website Updated with Nerivon

Again, your website is never finished, trends change and technology grows. Let Nerivon guide your ever-evolving online strategy.