Offices are designed primarily for people, and yet server equipment takes up substantial space and consideration in the spaces where businesses operate. If you own your own servers and equipment, you may be tempted to spend time and money constructing an in-house data center or simple server closet for your needs.

Benefits of Colocation

Here are some great reasons why colocation, which is housing your equipment offsite in a dedicated data centre, might be a better option.

1 - Fire and water protection

Servers draw a lot of power, generate a lot of heat, and contain sensitive information. As a result, they require special fire protection and significantly impact insurance choices. Traditional office fire protection, like sprinkler systems, can destroy your in-house data centre with water damage. Avoid the nightmare of data and equipment loss, and leave fire protection to a dedicated data centre with colocation services. These facilities are designed to prevent and contain fires and water leaks, so you can keep your fire safety plans simple and your insurance rates lower.

2 - Cooling

Even a small server closet can create a lot of heat and as such require a substantially cooler environment than your employees will find comfortable. Spaces located too close to an in-house data centre may be noticeably warm, and hot server rooms are a fire risk. Power required for cooling solutions can also drain your energy bills and ruin your efforts to keep your business environmentally-friendly. Instead of fussing over thermostats and insulation, colocate your equipment in a space designed for it. Cooling systems that use green energy are commonplace in dedicated data centres.

3 - Security

Data centres that offer colocation services often use multi-layer security like cages for tenant’s equipment, security personnel onsite, passcodes or biometrics for entry, and CCTV cameras. With colocation services there is no need to worry about theft or protection of confidential or sensitive data - these security concerns are left to the experts.

4 - Network Connectivity and Redundancy

Never lose money or customers to downtime again. Colocation services at data centres include bandwidth designed to keep your business and all the others running smoothly. Redundancy is also ensured, including data backup and secondary network connections, so that no network outages or drive failures are looming around the corner to damage your business. Relax and enjoy the 100% uptime advantage of colocated equipment.

5 - Future Flexibility

Constructing your own in-house data centre requires a high degree of commitment to your computing needs - how much space, power, and cooling equipment you incorporate into the design of your server room may not meet your needs in a few years. Reduce unnecessary CapEx by using colocation services, which typically involve short-term contracts.  If your business exceeds your growth expectations and you end up purchasing additional equipment, simply change the terms of your agreement or switch to another data centre to access more bandwidth, space, or security.