Web design and online marketing seems to change at breakneck speeds. It can be difficult to keep up with what’s new and effective, but your website is foundational to your business - so you’ll want to stay ahead of crucial changes in the world of web design.

Web Design in 2020

Nerivon’s web design team is always keeping on top of the latest web design trends, so we’ve compiled this list to watch in the coming year.


Bold Colours and Asymmetric Layouts

In the past few years, minimalism has been the name of the game in web design. Websites have become almost too perfect and too simple. Advances in display resolution make bold and bright colours a clear choice to achieve stunning aesthetics. Combine this with a creative use of space and grid, and your website will be both unique and memorable. What you need to stay a step ahead of the competition is the vibrant personality and creativity to stand out and establish solid brand association, while still maintaining a degree of simplicity that gets the right information to your audience in short order.



It isn’t news that mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop use by a landslide - that’s why responsive web design is so important to ensure a smooth experience on mobile devices. Search engines like Google have even de-prioritized sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Historically, responsive web design has started with a desktop site and then removed more complex and data-heavy elements for streamlined mobile use. It doesn’t have to be that way, because a site designed for mobile first will translate nicely to desktop with the right strategies - such as using scalable vector graphics instead of bitmap to enable scaling in any direction without pixelation or quality loss. For 2020, acknowledge the overwhelming popularity of mobile web browsing by using a mobile-first approach to web design.


Voice Capability

Most mobile devices, including the growing array of wearable smart devices, now include some type of voice assistant like Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. While this technology is not new, it was slow to start - until now. More than half of users who have access to a voice assistant are speaking to it at least once per day (source here), and voice-enabled smart speaker purchases doubled last year (source here). Integrated voice capability and connection to smart speaker technology is a wise choice for 2020, while it still offers you a modern edge and before it becomes a standard expectation.


Dynamic Content

Dynamic content has been driving the success of popular social media platforms such as Facebook for some time now. Take advantage of this interesting and appealing strategy for your own website, and enjoy the benefits to your business that a personal touch can bring. Content and visual elements on your website that change depending on the device used to visit, the location of the user, and even the time of day can create stronger and more personal relationships with your potential customers and clients.


Animation and Interactive Illustrations

Video graphics on websites were at one time a desirable inclusion for marketing with visual appeal, yet slow loading times and data-heavy viewing for the growing number of mobile users stopped this trend before it really began. Find a happy medium with integrated GIFs during loading, mobile-first animations like visual prompts and feedback, and dynamic illustrations that jump to life with user interaction. These intelligent and quirky techniques can keep customers engaged and entertained without sacrificing speed or mobile usability.


Lazy loading

Loading times and data usage pose a problem in today’s fast-moving and mobile-focused world, especially for sites with pages that contain long lists or search results. To keep your website moving swiftly and light on the data usage, consider lazy loading - loading content only as it is scrolled to, rather than all at once. A search returning 75 results with product images can be tedious and data-heavy for a user to view, unless only 5 of those results load at a time. The user is free to scroll through quickly until they locate the product they want to view. Your customers will appreciate design that considers their time and money, and so will you.

Keep Your Website Up To Date

Here at Nerivon, we can help you implement all of these strategies and more, to keep your web presence current and savvy. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help your business thrive in 2020.