Schema markup is a form of structured data that offers a standardized format for search engines like Google to help better understand the contents of your website.

Structured Snippets, also known as Featured Snippets or Rich Snippets, are a great way to expand your site’s visibility and this information is often pulled from schema markup.

Websites that get featured in snippets gain more visible real estate on the search results page and often have a higher click-through rate.

Why Are Rich Snippets Important?

A structured snippet is an enhanced description that provides additional useful information about the contents of your website. Having this microdata makes your web pages easier for search bots to understand. This not only helps search engines to categorize your content better, it also ensures that it will show up as a search result to relevant queries.

Featured snippets can show up for many types of searches including questions, local businesses, brand names, famous people, even song names, and offer the user more precise information.

What do featured snippets look like?

A featured snippet generally falls into one of these three categories:

  • Paragraph Snippets
  • Table Snippets
  • List Snippets (Bulleted or Numbered)

Paragraph snippets offer straightforward answers to questions like “How do I…”, or “What is…”. 

Table snippets are best suited for breaking down information such as product prices, data, and rates.

List snippets come in numbered or bulleted form. Numbered lists will often outline the steps of a task like repairing something or cooking a recipe, whereas bulleted lists highlight “Best of” lists, “Ranked Items”, and “Featured Lists”.

How Can Schema Markup Help My Website?

There are a few different ways that schema markup and structured snippets can aid your website, including: 
Click-Through Rate (CTR): Having additional information in a search result’s description has the potential to increase the likelihood of your webpage being clicked on by the user who made the query.

Brand Visibility: Showing up as a featured snippet increases your overall brand recognition even if users choose not to click through.

Creating A Place of Interest: Higher click-through rate and brand awareness can lead to more conversations that will give your site’s popularity and organic traffic a boost.

How to Add Schema Markup?

With these benefits in mind, it’s worth it to consider incorporating schema markup into your webpages to enhance your online presence.

Check out the Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD) at

For help generating or implementing schema please feel free to contact our team.