Nerivon has solutions for your infrastructure needs, no matter where you are now - or where you want to end up. For small businesses and startups, or for large enterprises with sensitive data to protect - our infrastructure options are fully customizable and our experts can help you make sound decisions. Servers, security, and custom business services are all part of what we do best, so you can spend less time worrying about your IT and get back to what you do best - running your business.

Nerivon IT Infrastructure

Nerivon can provide the servers and data management services that you need to power your business, whether that is virtual server space, professionally managed services, or even secure dedicated servers to store, process, and manage your data.

You need to know that your data, and that of your customers or clients, is safe and secure. Nerivon can conduct top-quality vulnerability and penetration testing, comprehensive security scans, and even backup your data off-site. You can trust us to provide security solutions that work for you.

When your business needs quality internet connectivity, VoIP services, or custom solutions for your network, software, or hardware, Nerivon can help. Ask us about our expertise with business services, and rely on us to keep your business running smoothly every day.

IT Infrastructure FAQ

We offer dedicated servers to host your website, off-site data backups and virtual services to support you with the highest level of security available using multiple testing methods. Our business solution services assist in website creation, ongoing website maintenance, E-commerce transactions, as well as automation and integration services making your website easy, reliable and fun to use.
Colocation is housing all of your computer equipment offsite in a dedicated data centre with the ideal environmental controls, high level data safety and ongoing support for smooth and consistent website service. This allows your business to run easier, perform more services and keep up with the current trends.
In-house data centers require specific environmental conditions especially protection from excess heat and potential water damage which can cost a lot to create and maintain. Insurance can be a big factor in housing this equipment offsite. Having dedicated professionals working to ensure consistent services means reliable service for your customers and will reduce the need for outside support when you have problems or want to make changes.
Nervion knows how sensitive this information is and we take precautions to protect it. We physically will enclose each tenant’s equipment in cages, have security personnel onsite, use passcodes or biometrics for entry and have cameras recording all activity. We run periodic diagnostic tests to ensure safety and reliability of the equipment.