What is the Purpose of a Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policies exist to protect an individual's personal information when accessing an online service that uses cookies and data collection.

Schema Markup and Featured Snippets

Learn about what benefits structured data can offer you and how schema markup can expand your site’s visibility in search results.

Mobile Friendly 2020

More recently, being mobile friendly became even more critical as mobile-first indexing rolls out and rankings fluctuate.

3 Reasons to Update Your Website in 2020

Your website is never finished, trends change and technology grows. Let Nerivon guide your ever-evolving online strategy.

5 Reasons to Consider Colocation Services

Here are some great reasons why colocation, which is housing your equipment offsite in a dedicated data centre, might be a better option.

6 Web Trends to Watch in 2020

Web design and online marketing seems to change at breakneck speeds. Here are 6 web development trends to watch for in the coming year.

Saskatchewan ECIP Web Development 2018

The new ECIP website includes a main, provincial "parent" site along with 14 regional "child" or sub-sites, each with their own unique content.