Jensen Trailers 2014

Jensen Trailers Sales & Service
  • Custom Programming
  • Nerivon CMS
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Yet another major revamp for Jensen Trailers.  This time we've ported them to our own custom CMS and built a custom shopping cart that can import from any supplier!  At the time of launching this website they are currently importing over 110,000 products from two different suppliers.


The Jensen family first established their business name in 1978 with Jensen Auto Body located in Whitby, Ontario.

Their love of horses and involvement in the dressage community led them to discover a real demand for the sale and service of quality aluminum horse trailers in Durham Region.

One thing led to another and in 1996 Jensen Trailer Sales & Service was born.

“We quickly out grew our trailer lot in Whitby” and in 2003 re-located to our existing location in Oshawa, Ontario.

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Because of all the hard work your team has done we are now receiving a large number of phone calls on a daily basis and around 6-10 email contacts daily as well.