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We're pleased to introduce a new client's unique product that solves a unique, very Canadian problem.

Kickstones (by Thomas Newell of A&G Engraving) helps prevent costly masonry damage to brickwork and keeps dirt, water and salt away from a building. As long-established masons, A&G Engraving had been replacing salt-damaged brickwork and blockwork near high-traffic entrances and property managers or owners would often ask what causes this? It’s people kicking their snow-filled boots against the walls. Clay brick is very susceptible to crumbling and breaking off due to the salt often present in snow, combined with kicking. Many people do kick the snow off their boots, not wanting to track it inside a building.

With the engraved designs on the front of the kickstone as well as the optional boot-brush, poeple will immediately understand what the kickstone is and how to use it. A far better alternative to replacing brick every few years.

For this project, Nerivon designed both their logo and monochromatic website layout using only black, white, gray and a single accent colour. The website itself features a centered logo header, photo gallery, icon blocks and a simple contact form.


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Spending the time to optimize our website has resulted in a noticable increase in our sales.