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We strongly believe in going to the customer, you! So the form below is minimal and you may use it if you wish to get in touch, or you may contact us directly either toll-free: 1-877-265-2469 or locally at: 705-328-7350.

Please include your city and current website (if you have one) in the message below.  Thank you.

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We know you're busy and getting that big question of "how much?" answered is a big priority. We like to do that as fast as possible, but in order to accomplish that, we generally need key questions answered.

  1. We need to know as much as we can about your company, what you do, and what makes you special in your market?
  2. Try to describe the purpose or goal that your website will serve for you. Will you be selling products on your website? Will you be using your website as a source for promotional materials? Are you simply looking to get your company name on the web?
  3. Try to list the different pages or content that you want on your website, ie. Products, Services, Support, Contact Information etc.
  4. What kinds of special features are you thinking about for your website? A calendar of events, blog, bulletin board, a gallery of photos etc?
  5. Does your company already have established branding, logo, letterhead, etc. Most importantly, do you want to keep it?
  6. Do you already have all the information that you intend to publish on your website? Do you need a copywriter to help you create it?
  7. If you already have ideas about what you want your site to "look like", tell us about them!
  8. List other websites that you both like and dislike and tell us why you like or dislike each one. Please try to list at least 3 sites.
  9. If you're comfortable telling us your budget, give us a ballpark. If you've only got a small budget, we can still work with that, and its best if we know that right up front.
  10. When do you want the website finished?
  11. Do you already own a domain name? Do you have a specific domain in mind for your website?
  12. How often will you make updates to your new site on an annual basis? Do you want to be able to make updates yourself?
Chuck Byers

I am very pleased with your work and appreciate the exceptional service I have received.  Well done!  CBS Group (now Nerivon) is the Pro's Pro.