Responsive Website Design

Responsive design means that your website will look good on any screen size: computer screens, tablets, and smartphones.

Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer optional. As many as 80% of people are now browsing the Internet on smartphones or tablets. Even more important is that search engines like Google now rank your website higher if its mobile-friendly.

Website Packages

We have several website packages available that include everything you need to get started. View Website Packages

Generic Template

If your budget is tight, Nerivon CMS comes with a generic template. We use your content and images to customize this template and make it reasonably unique.

This is a good option for getting started. You can always upgrade to a custom design later.

Custom Design

If you don't want to use the generic template we can design you a custom template and give you exactly what you want.

All of our custom designs are original and designed by us.

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The Design Process

1. Project Outline

The first step is always determining what goals will define success for your new website. Whether it is direct web sales, increased exposure or simply improved communication between you and your clients, this is the part of the project where we figure that out and write it down. The outcome of this step is a site map and hopefully a whole bunch of ideas about how we can build a site that will achieve your goals for the web!

2. Mockups

The web is full of wonderfull work created by talented individuals all around the world and the first step in any web design is to go "out there" and look for ideas. Search the web, tell us what you like, and most importantly tell us about what you don't like. Armed with this information, we'll take the best of what you like and combine it with our own concepts to produce an initial design. The mockup phase is an iterative process and with each step of the way you'll be asked to comment and critique the design we're building until you're happy with it.

3. Content

While the design is being created, you're going to be working on assembling your content. We will happily recommend a copywriter for you if you need one and will happily consult with you on the nature of your content. Using the project outline from Step 1, you'll quickly be able to determine what copy you need for your new site and get it written!

4. Coding

At this point, we've got a design that you're happy with, and its time to take it from a static picture of the site, to a live working version complete with animated menus, Javascript slideshows, contact us forms and much much more. Its at this stage where content management systems like Joomla! are installed, and your content, images and media files are uploaded to the site. Everything is tested and confirmed as working while we complete this stage.

5. Test and Launch

The paint is still wet, your new site stands almost ready for launch. All the content is in, all the features are added, but are we sure they're working? Every page must be checked to ensure that they work, make sense, and have correct spelling and grammar. Once satisifed that your site is rock solid, we'll launch your new website!

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Because of the excellence of the work done by CBS Group (now Nerivon) Inc., our web site has a #1 ranking on the Google and Yahoo search engines.