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Nerivon Student Transportation Seating is a unique seat planning and student tracking software that has been designed to manage the complex details of daily student transit. By using this software, you can guarantee that students and drivers both have the safest and most efficient seating plans possible. Our software has been optimized for creating the safest seating plan possible amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, and comes equipped with a contact tracing feature.

How Does Student Transportation Software Work?

Our student transportation software allows for users to upload a student’s information details via CSV or API integration with your current bus planning application. This information can then be used to automatically assign a safe seating plan based on the age bracket and family relationships of each student blocking out the seat behind the driver by default as an added safety precaution.

Additional Software Features and Customization Options

The software can be configured to fit the layout of any bus, selected users can then be given software permissions to manually modify and change seating plans as needed. There is no limit on how many students, school locations, and drivers can register. Monthly cyber security scans are performed to ensure that personal user details stay confidential and safe. NSTS is also brandable and white label for added convenience.

Student Transportation Software FAQ

Our student transportation software is available for $400/month, with a $2000 setup fee.
Yes, each region receives its own fully customizable instance of the service.
Yes, the Nerivon Student Transportation Seating application supports student transfers (one road, one bus).