Our Team

Nerivon is a distributed team of professionals working together to build cost effective solutions for a wide variety of Canadian clients. We all work from our home offices across Ontario. We are as far north as North Bay and as far south as Niagara.

Our team includes the entire range of skillsets needed to satisfy and exceed your requirements, comprised of several developers, designers, search engine specialists, and server administrators. In addition to the team members below we also employ several contractors on an as-needed basis. We can handle projects of any size. All of our team members are local and speak fluent English. We never employ foreign contractors.

Primary Team Members

Chris Broumley
Director of Things
Brian Chowns
Senior Developer
Lea Galcso
Senior Designer
Chris Finlay
Junior Developer
Cory Highfield
SEO Specialist
Alexander Diana
Server Administrator

Our Hosting Partners

We maintain a very close working relationship with our hosting partner, BH Tech. BH Tech servers are located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
BH Tech
BH Tech
St. John Ambulance

After viewing the launch of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce website, I made a call to your office, and our working relationship has blossomed.