Millbrook Chamber of Commerce

Millbrook Chamber of Commerce

Angela Becz
CBS Group (now Nerivon)

May I express my gratitude for all your help in updating the Millbrook Chamber website.  Your patience, as we added features, made changes, and got familiar with our new site, was much appreciated.

Our new site is user-friendly, easy to read, and the background is very representative of our beautiful location in the Cavan Hills.  Changes and updates are made quickly to the delight of our members.

Within a short time of launching our new Chamber website, a number of our members have had sites set up for their own businesses based on their reaction to the work you did for us.  We are very happy to recommend your work to any business needing a website or other hosting services.


Linda Lawrence
Millbrook and District Chamber of Commerce

Capital Dragons

Because of all the hard work your team has done we are now receiving a large number of phone calls on a daily basis and around 6-10 email contacts daily as well.