Jensen Trailers

Testimonial 3

Hi guys
Here is one of many examples of your handy work paying dividends to us.
100% language barrier... but 0% barrier to doing business thanks to the Translator function you suggested and implemented on our site.
I don't even know what I sold him... but it was something.
Thanks again
Gary Lakin
General Manager
Jensen Trailers

Testimonial 2

Thank you for the prompt attention on Monday when I called about our downed web site, despite the fact that it was not an issue with your services.
I took comfort from you placing a sense of urgency on a concern that was very important to us.
You don’t disappoint!
Thank you again
Gary Lakin
General Manager
Jensen Trailers

Jensen Trailers

Testimonial 1 - December 23, 2010

To: Angela Becz – CBS Group (now Nerivon)              Dec 23 2010


This was the general consensus around the office after the launch of our new web site… designed and coded by the developers at CBS Group (now Nerivon).

Favorable comments from customers were almost instant.

Google Analytics demonstrated the time prospects spent visiting our site tripled.

We were thrilled with the final product… but to us, what made more of an impact was the follow up attention we received in taking care of all the little things that invariably get overlooked during the design phase.

Angela… great Job!

And a special thank you to my new buddy Brian Chowns… Lead Project Developer… for putting up with all of our demands.


Gary Lakin
General Manager
Jensen Trailer Sales & Service

Check out a real cool site…

Bil-Den Metal Roofing Systems

We have had many comments from our peers and customers as to how well the site looks and the ease of navigation.