There are a number of factors that can affect how your business ranks for the products and services you offer.

In order to determine if your website has any opportunities for search visibility, Nerivon offers an initial search audit and consultation. SEO audit prices vary depending on the size of your website, and target market.

Short Term and Long Term Search Strategies

Some clients don't need SEO, others need a little bit over time, and some markets are very, very aggressive. We can help make sense of it.

Nerivon SEO

Get a detailed look of where your website currently ranks and identify any opportunities for improvement both on your website, and off.

Multiple location rank tracking to support your ongoing content and search engine optimization strategies.

Who links to your website? Are they trustworthy? We help monitor your backlinks and look for any new opportunities over time.


Is your website mobile friendly? In a world where almost everyone is using smart phone technology, your website needs to be found. We know the best practices for making your website mobile search friendly.

Social media is instant word of mouth, but are you doing too much?

Too little?

We develop cost effective Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social media marketing strategies for your brand.

Take advantage of local search opportunities with a customized local SEO campaign. Be visible for your products and services in the areas you serve.

From small business to multiple location corporate entities, Nerivon offers local SEO plans tailored to your brand's specific goals.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
Every website should meet simple industry standards. Depending on your market, visibility and current website, you might qualify for a local search campaign or enterprise level search engine marketing strategy. We highly recommend starting with an initial SEO audit.
Search results are personalized as well as localized. You'll notice varying results on different devices such as your laptop, iPad or Android phone.

Other Web Services

Website packages available from Nerivon. We have several website packages available that include everything you need to get started.
All web hosting accounts come with a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, domains, mySQL databases and ftp accounts.
Your domain is more than just your web address - it is part of your unique brand identity. Register your domain names with Nerivon.
Premium business e-mail accounts are more reliable than the e-mail accounts that typically come as part of a hosting package.
Nerivon offers web design for all types of businesses, going beyond basic site-building into modern branding expertise & cutting-edge graphic design.
Social media is useful in many different ways, especially for your business. Learn how Nerivon can help you manage your social marketing campaigns.
Seat planning and student tracking software. Optimized for automation of COVID-19 distancing and contact tracing.
Let us handle your security, patches and updates. Plus, enjoy the benefits of Enhanced Support!